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Solving Basketball

Oct 30, 2020

Reggie Witherspoon, head coach of Canisius, joins the podcast for episode 36.

Witherspoon is the "godfather" of the Continuity Ball Screen offense now run by many different teams. We discussed the origins of his offense, how it has evolved from early on during his time at Buffalo to now, and other top teams (Virginia,...

Jul 23, 2020

Ken Pomeroy and Jonathan Safir return to the podcast for episode #35. They recently published an article: "The guide to fouling when leading (or tied)."

We discussed the findings from that article, whether or not more coaches will actually choose to implement the strategy, and how Ken's rankings (and the NCAA selection...

Apr 24, 2020

Seth Partnow, NBA Analyst for The Athletic, joins the podcast for episode 34. Seth is in the middle of a series of articles on how the style of play in the NBA has changed over time.

We discussed the findings from his research, the type of data used to quantify style of play, and similarities and differences between the...

Mar 30, 2020

Stephen Gentry, assistant coach at Illinois, joins the podcast for episode 33. This season, Illinois drastically changed their style and scheme on both the offensive and defensive side of the floor.

We discussed the changes from the Spread offense to ball screens and from pressure/deny defense to pack line -- including...

Jan 28, 2020

Todd Golden, head coach of San Francisco, joins the podcast for episode 32. In Todd's first year as head coach, the Dons have been using math/probability for unconventional in-game strategy.

We discussed the decision making process: The math behind the specific strategy, communicating it to players, and committing...