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Solving Basketball

Mar 27, 2019

Jonathan Safir, director of basketball operations at San Francisco, joins the podcast for episode 25. Jonathan coached against Gonzaga twice this season in WCC play, so we went in depth about scouting the Zags and some of USF's points of emphasis when preparing for them. 

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Mar 11, 2019

Gibson Pyper, assistant coach at Cary Academy, re-joins for episode 24. The episode features an in-depth discussion of the x's and o's behind this weekend's Michigan-Michigan State game. Michigan State's offense without Nick Ward, Michigan's response to Michigan State's switches, and much more.

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Mar 4, 2019

Adrian Atkinson joins for episode #23. Adrian is a data scientist by trade who also happens to cover UNC basketball by combining both X's and O's and data. Some topics: The process for offensive and defensive team charting, Carolina's famous secondary break, the fit of Nassir Little, automated scouting reports,...